Day 5: Holbrook to Needles

Day 5 was an early start for me as I had plenty of things planned. I timed my arrival at theMeteor Crater outside Winslow (of Eagles song lyric fame) for 8am when the gates opened. For $8 I was able to view this huge hole in the desert, created by a massive meteor some 10,000 years […]

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Day 4: Santa Rosa to Holbrook

Something else to go and visit in New Mexico for the more energetic are the Banderra Volcano and Ice Cave in the Cibola National Forest near Grants – you will see billboards advertising this attraction along the Interstate. For $6.50, you can take a self guided walking tour to the crater of a (hopefully) extinct volcano and to the […]

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Day 2: Rolla to Oklahoma City

Day two of the road trip was difficult. Even with my new map, tracing the course of the route through Missouri is not easy – you might want to take a friend or partner along as a navigator! This second day, I crossed the state line into Kansas, briefly, then into Oklahoma. The Kansas section […]

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Day 1: Chicago to Rolla

I left Chicago early to avoid the particularly badly named ‘rush’ hour and headed south-west. The route has generally been replaced by sections of Interstates 55, 44 and 40 and in Illinois is remarkably well sign-posted with ‘Historic Route 66′ markers. I had no difficulty in finding my way without, initially, a map of the […]

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